Thursday, March 16, 2006


Today I received a Boost Moble phone I ordered from Mologogo a few days ago. It's your standard candy bar model that contains GPS and the Mologogo software preloaded. I took the extra step of installing WebJal on my desktop and using the provided USB cable to install the application on several Motorola i860 phones we had in the office.

It's great that the cable was provided with the phone - it saved me a heck of a lot of time finding the correct elements to install software on the phone.

After creating an account on Mologogo I inserted my username and password (after some issues switching from predictive text to alpha text - the winning tip is to press the page button on the phone to switch typing methods) and I was running in no less than 5 minutes with my location shown on a Google map. At least I assume it is a Google map from the similarities between the online and mobile versions.

The software has some real potential and it's a good example of a simple but inexpensive and novel use of GPS technology on a mobile phone. It's also a great solution for having a GPS unit without paying a whole lot of money for one. Hopefully more of these mobile applications will have a Goto function similar to handheld units. This feature is the only thing keeping these devices back from being competent GPS unit replacements.

Here's hoping that we'll see some improvements of this product over time. If you have $100 to dabble I'd suggest trying out their Boost phone deal to play with the novelty of GPS tracking.

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