Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Fisher Plaza Kicks into (new) Gear

This is primarily a re-posting of information sent to the customers at Internap.

Fisher Plaza has taken a good look at their infrastructure and has a pretty robust plan to ensure that there is redundancy with their electrical systems. Even though our web sites are happily chugging along, they are running on gas while a more long term solution is being worked out. This latest update outlines both the short term and long term plans to get back to normal (or super-normal, since they are adding an additional layer of protection). The plans are fluid and may change, but you can tell the facilities are going to come out stronger from this plan.

(Reposted with permission from Internap)
Near Term:

Proceeding immediately, the landlord will 1) obtain two additional generators and paralleling gear needed to provide redundancy across the 3 central risers affected by the outage. This will provide N+1 until we can return to full commercial power and allow required maintenance on the generators (required every 10 days) without any downtime. The city has approved closing the east end of John Street for the location of the additional generators. The landlord is also working with 2) Seattle City Light to get commercial power from the vault to the Life Safety System and Retail switchboard to provide a more reliable and effective solution to providing a safe work environment.

Long Term Utility Restoration:

The restoration plan involves building a completely new switchgear room outside the current vault and Switchgear Room. This would separate the Main 1 and Main 2 systems providing more reliability, new equipment, and the ability to begin construction while they are clearing out the damaged gear from the damaged Switchgear Room. All of the old Main 1 & 2 switchgear from the damaged switchgear room will be replaced with new equipment needed to provide a new Main1 service and the paralleling gear to bring up all four of the building's 1.5 MW generators on line together.

The landlord stressed that this is a very fluid plan and that suppliers are aggressively sourcing equipment, design, build, and shipping times. Once they are able to develop a specific timeline as well as Method of Operation (MOP) they will share it with Internap, and we will of course share it with our customers. They are expecting several months until full restoration.


Peter DK said...

This solution of upgrading on site equipment doesn't solve the basic need of geographical discrete sites.

Wheter the same company or a competitor is chosen to facilitate such a site, depends on a risk evaluation of the company itself. If considered risky, choose a competitor to avoid fraud, banrupcy etc. which is a much worse situation than you have discovered now.


Anonymous said...

Full ACK to Peter!

Jumbo said...

Sorry guys but geocaching is a hobby not a vitally important service. What Peter DK said is true for a bank or for a assurance. If you think a website providing support for a hobby needs geographical discrete sites you take that much to serious ... just my 2 cents...